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Zero Zero Robotics - Creators of Hover Camera
Zero Zero Robotics? first flagship product, developed under the Hover Camera brand, is Hover Camera Passport - the first Embedded Artificial Intelligence powered mass-consumer flying camera of its kind that?s easy-to-use, safe, and portable - ideally suited to capture you during your sojourns around the world from breathtaking perspectives.

The Hover Camera is Here (You're Going to Want One ...
Release & Hover: As soon as you let go, Hover Camera Passport hovers steady in place to allow you to quickly and easily capture any moment. Portable: At just 242 grams, below the FAA 250 grams Hobbyist Drone Registration weight limit, Hover Camera is portable and convenient to carry for any photo worthy moments.

The foldable, fully-enclosed Passport drone is yours for $549
The foldable, fully-enclosed Passport drone is yours for $549. But before these two were announced, we already heard about Zero Zero Robotics' Hover Camera 4K drone that is truly foldable and also fully enclosed -- in the sense that you can grab hold it any way you want without getting cut by the propellers, plus you're less likely...

HOVER CAMERA PASSPORT a selfie drone by Zero Zero Robotics
The Chinese company, Zero Zero Robotics, presents its new project that deals with the drone Hover Camera Passport. The unmanned aircraft is already available and has an incredible price of approximately $ 600. If you are thinking of buying Hover Camera Passport.

Hover Camera Review - Zero Zero Robotics' Self Flying ...
Here?s our review. What is Hover Camera? Hover Camera is a camera that promises to let anyone capture photos and videos from unique perspectives. Using Hover Camera is easy: you pick it up, turn it on, and then place it in the air at your desired angle. Or, throw it up in the air and let the camera track you. It can even hover behind you as you move.

Hover Camera drone follows your every move without your ...
Hover Camera drone follows your every move without your help. The batteries are easily swapped out by simply sliding off the top. Zero Zero Robotics, the Beijing-based start-up behind it, said it expects to ship in time for this holiday season with a price somewhere south of $600 (approximately AU$775 or 415).

Hover Camera is a safe and foldable drone that follows you
Gallery: Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera hands-on | 13 Photos. The Hover Camera comes in at only 238 grams, which is just below the FAA's limit for mandatory hobbyist drone registration. It's small as well: When the propeller wings are folded, it's about the size of a VHS cassette tape.

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