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The Ultimate CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS 3D Printer Review ...
The CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS is a high quality, high performance 3D printer for both beginners and more advanced users. It is able to produce some very high quality prints while being very easy to use. The quality of the printer combined with the companies support and the everyday growing community, this 3D printer is very good choice for anyone who wants to get serious with 3D printing.

CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS review - award-winning desktop ...
CraftBot PLUS main features. The CraftUnique CraftBot PLUS comes with a 100 micron/layer print resolution and a custom ARM processor based hardware. This 3D printer also boasts a 2.8-inch color touchscreen display. The Craft Unique CraftBot PLUS prints with PLA, ABS, and HIPS materials.

Review: The CraftBot Plus is a 3D printer worth having ...
Review: The CraftBot Plus is a 3D printer worth having (+ video) This printer is simple to use, well thought out and fairly accurate.

CraftUnique CraftBot 3 review - desktop 3D printer (plug ...
The CraftUnique CraftBot 3 is a plug-and-play desktop 3D printer made by Craft Unique, a manufacturer from Hungary. This 3D printer, also known as the Supervisor, is a follow-up of the CraftBot 2. CraftBot 3 main features. Independent dual extruder (IDEX): enables 3D printing with two different colors or materials simultaneously. Users are also ...

Review of the CraftBot 3D Printer | 3D Printing for Beginners
CraftBot Specifications. The CraftBot is a FFF 3D printer built on a 3-axis gantry type design. The machine has a sizeable footprint (40 x 36 x 37 cm) and sports one the largest build volumes in its class (10.000 cm 3).The printer frame is made from lasercut metal, making for sturdy and heavy 3D printer, weighing a total of 14 kg.

CraftBot, CraftBot Plus - Craftunique
The CraftBot Plus and the CraftBot 2 can print any object in scale, as long as its within the given build space, which is: 250 x 200 x 200 mm (about 10 x 8 x 8 inches). This doesn't mean that you can't make a larger print though; if your intended print is larger than the build area you can always print seperate pieces and assemble them ...

CraftBot 3 Review: The Supervisor Needs Supervision | All3DP
Hailing from Hungary, the 3D printer manufacturer CraftUnique has earned a first-rate reputation for manufacturing reliable and easy-to-use desktop 3D printers. In fact, their flagship CraftBot Plus was awarded by 3D Hubs as the Best Plug N? Play 3D Printer in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Craftunique | Craftbot plus 3D Printer
The low cost, multi award winning Craftbot Plus 3D Printer from Craftunique comes with efficient, free slicer software with advanced slicer algorithm. Thanks to its 100 micron/layer resolution, Craftbot Plus 3D Printer provides a very high printing quality.

Craftunique | Craftbot Plus 3D Printer | anthracite gray
CraftBot Plus 3D Printer is easy to use, but it is far from being a ?basic 3D printer? as it easily outperforms more expensive machines in many aspects! With 100 micron/layer resolution, 250x200x200mm built volume, touchscreen, and Craftware user-friendly software CraftBot Plus 3D Printer comes very handy to everyone in the 3D world!

Dremel DigiLab 3D45

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