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FIBAE 1 ? Custom Art
As a successor of renowned single driver Music One, FIBAE 1 follows similar approach to sound signature ? relatively flat but natural, highly revealing with balanced amount of brightness that offers emotional and engaging musical experience.

Custom Art Music One // A review after 6 months : headphones
The Music One arrives in a plain black box and Custom Art includes a Pelikan 1010 case, a cleaning tool, a little leaflet with information such as serial number, date of production, how to insert a CIEM, warranty and a reminder not to fuck up your hearing by listening at insane volume.

Products ? Custom Art
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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 Review -
Poland?s Custom Art worked with us last year on our Harmony 8 (non-Pro) review.This was a full bodied but relaxed 8 BA driver setup encased in just the most glorious and well-made silicone custom shell I have yet to see bettered to this day.

Review: CustomArt Ei.3 - Headfonia Headphone Reviews
Custom Art Poland I?ll do a short introduction about CustomArt for those who haven?t read my CustomArt Harmony 8 Pro review yet. CustomArt is a Polish based company that was founded in May 2012 by Piotr Granicky.

The custom art music one unboxing
Unboxing of the custom art music one Custom In Ear Monitors.

The Custom Art - Music One | Headphone Reviews and ...
Custom Art Music One is dedicated for all audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking for a bang for a buck. To challenge 2-way systems and other expensive IEMs with just a single driver combined with advanced acoustic tuning.

Custom Art Ei.3 CIEM Review | Audiophile On
It said one the Custom Art facebook page the EI.3 were to be energetic and fun and that this custom IEM was designed to be used with bass and electronic music. What I actually got was a wonderfully tuned, slightly warm, detailed fun sounding monitor.

Quick Thoughts: Custom Art Music Two, Revisited ? CYMBACAVUM
Quick Thoughts: Custom Art Music Two, Revisited Editor?s Note: When shotgunshane reviewed the Music Two last March ( read the review ), he thought it was incredible value for money. A bit later, Mr. T also took the plunge, this time with removable cables.

The Custom Art Collection - Art for the Contemporary Home ...
The Custom Art Collection - Art for the Eclectic Home: A Collection of Frameable, Original Prints? by Jamin Mills Paperback $22.08 Only 5 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by

EarSonics SM64

Reviews & More Info

EarSonics SM64 Review | The Headphone List
Pitting the SM64 against its predecessor is telling of the direction EarSonics has taken with the tuning of the new model. While the SM3 remains a very unique earphone with its thick, lush mids and enveloping presentation, the SM64 boasts a more conventional ? but at the same time more capable ? sound. Customer reviews: EarSonics SM64 Universal In ...
The Earsonics SM64 is a beautiful IEM, it may looks like a "Westone" copy but is really far different. This phone isn't a "value" headphone per-say, but those that make the splurge will be happy they did, as it's articulate, slightly warm, immersive and has a gorgeous soundstage.

EarSonics SM64 Universal IEM review | The Headphone List
The EarSonics SM64 is available from multiple online retailers including for $479, for EUR 399, and of course you can buy it direct from EarSonics. The EarSonics range does have great distribution and is available in many countries, but if not EarSonics will ship direct. Note: There are 2 versions of the SM64. Customer reviews: IREALIST Earphones
EarSonics obviously put a lot of effort into getting the `HQ crossover" on these earphones right, and they succeeded - spectacularly! It often feels like I have full sized headphones, not earphones on. SOUNDSTAGE & INSTRUMENT SEPARATION Last but not least is the soundstage. Now THIS is where the SM64's come into their own.

Earsonics S-EM6 Review -
It?s only available as universal, designed ?for audiophiles?. The S-EM9 also represents another first from EarSonics; this time to produce an iem with an unconventional 9 drivers. Having owned the SM64, Velvet, S-EM9 and now S-EM6, I?ve had my fair share of experience with EarSonics? products.

ohmage to the Earsonics SM64 ? ohm image
The SM64 is the first Earsonics phone to give the upper midrange a lift, a sparkle, a bit of love. It is the first Earsonics earphone that I can flat-out recommend for trance fans. The other good news is that if you?re not into trance, there is plenty of pretty sound to support almost every musical genre out there.

Earsonics ES-3 Review -
Earsonics have a new line of universal earphones out and top of that new line is the multi-BA ES-3. Read our review now on Headfonics. Earsonics have a new line of universal earphones out and top of that new line is the multi-BA ES-3. Read our review now on Headfonics. Home;

Earsonics EM10 Review - Rich, Dreamy, Warmth |
During my entire audiophile journey, starting 5 or 6 years ago, I always have been an big EarSonics Fan. I think it is because despite the differences in sound signature between all the models I have experienced previously (SM3, SM64, Velvet and SEM9), all of them have strange sense of musicality that appeal to me above all the technical performance of these IEMs.

EarSonics EM10 | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and ...
I want to thank Max from EarSonics he provided me the EM10 in exchange for my honest thoughts. Thank you to Max, and EarSonics. There was a lot of excitement on my part to have the opportunity to review the EarSonics EM10. EarSonics SM64 was one of the first IEM?s, when I was becoming immersed in ...

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