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Oculus Rift Review & Rating |
Bottom Line The Oculus Rift is a powerful, PC-tethered VR headset that's even more appealing now thanks a lower price and the inclusion of Oculus Touch motion controllers. Editors' Note: This review has been updated to reflect the inclusion of the Oculus Touch controllers with the Rift, and its lowered price.

Oculus Rift review | TechRadar
How the Oculus Rift works. Like other virtual reality headsets, the Oculus RIft has the arduous task of completely immersing you in a video game by producing two images simultaneously. It does this by hooking into the back of your graphics card's HDMI port and using a camera to track your head movement.

Oculus Rift review - Welcome to the future
The eyes. I place the Oculus Rift on my head, stretching its spring-loaded frame onto my skull. The visor slides down over my eyes. The lenses fill with light. It feels like I?m wearing a set of ski goggles attached to a baseball cap -- the most advanced baseball cap in the world. For $600, it had better be.

Oculus Rift S Review | Trusted Reviews
That?s the same as the Oculus Quest and only 50 more than the current price of the Oculus Rift, the model the Rift S is replacing. At that price, it?s far more palatable than the 700 or so ...

Oculus Rift S review: The second generation of PC-based ...
Oculus Rift S review: The second generation of PC-based virtual reality comes with caveats Ditching the base stations, for better and worse

Oculus Rift S review: Just another tethered VR headset
The Rift S isn?t a huge upgrade over the original Rift, but it brings Oculus? desktop VR into the modern era. Its built-in tracking works well, and the displays look much better than before.

Oculus Rift S review | PC Gamer
The Oculus Rift S sits at a crossroads. In one direction is the Oculus Quest, a standalone headset that doesn't require being tethered to a gaming PC, for the same price as the Rift S.

Oculus Rift S Review ? A Good Choice for VR Newcomers, a ...
Oculus Rift S Review Summary Photo by Road to VR. With the original Rift now discontinued, Oculus is fully replacing the headset with the Rift S.

Oculus Rift S review | TechRadar
The Oculus Rift S is certainly a more approachable entry point into PC-based VR. But its concessions for accessibility haven?t improved the overall experience of entering into virtual worlds ...

Oculus Rift S Review & Rating |
An Oculus Rift will appear in front of you, which you can then grab and bring to your face to load the game. It's a bizarre, roundabout, and meta way to access VR software, but it's a fun option.

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