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Eurocom M5 Pro Review (Clevo P650SE)
The Eurocom M5 Pro is a built-on Clevo P650SE chassis. This 15.6? notebook is an upscale gaming unit packing the latest technology, including Nvidia?s GTX 970M graphics card and a 4K display.

Eurocom M5 Pro Review | PC Gamer
Eurocom?s M5 Pro gives you the power to choose, though our review notebook goes the ?more sensible, less extreme? route with a single 970M, and pairs it with a nice 4K Samsung PLS display ...

Eurocom M5 Pro - External Reviews
Eurocom M5 Pro Source: Gaming Laptops Junky Well, few things.Let?s talk about the M5 as 970M machine and also if it?s a good deal for gamers. One. The M5 Pro is a good machine in my opinion ...

EUROCOM M5 Pro Reviews
EUROCOM M5 Pro Review Since that time, if you wanted a top performance gaming notebook, there has only been one question: Do you want GTX 980M, or will GTX 970M suffice? Eurocom?s M5 Pro gives you the power to choose, though our review notebook goes the ?more sensible, less extreme? route with a single 970M, and pairs it with a nice 4K ...

Eurocom M5 Pro (Clevo P650SG) Review (GTX 980M) -
Well, We?ve already did an M5 Pro with GTX 970M (Clevo P650SE) review and now we?ll see how its bigger brother, the Clevo P650SG / M5 Pro 980M / Sager NP8652, fairs. The two machines are pretty much the same with some minor differences besides the GPU (970M vs 980M).

Eurocom M5 Pro: Performance -
Eurocom's sleek new 15.6" gaming notebook features a 4K display, Nvidia GTX 970M graphics, and 32 GB of RAM in a well-built package. ... Our review unit of the Eurocom M5 Pro features the ...

Eurocom M5 Pro Review (970M) -
The Eurocom M5 Pro is Eurocom?s latest top 15.6? gaming laptop. It?s based on the Clevo P650SE barebone, much like the Sager NP8651. Unlike the Sager NP8651 or the base P650SE sold here and there, the M5 Pro comes with the 1080p AHVA AUO B156HAN01.2 as a default and not with an 1080p TN panel (the NP8651 can be upgraded though) and also, it sports the TPM 2.0 which is used by software to ...

Quick Review: Eurocom M5 Pro (Clevo P650SE ...
The M5 Pro comes standard with a high-quality matte AHVA panel (some manufacturers call this IPS-like ), the AUO B156HAN01.2 panel. It has good viewing angles, good contrast ratio (700:1) and it is quite bright. This is one area where Eurocom adds value - the base P650SE from most other resellers comes standard with an average TN panel.

Eurocom M5 Pro thoughts? - Linus Tech Tips
Hi: I have been looking for 15.6 laptops. Uses: Video editing, gaming, programming What do you guys think? Eurocom M5 Pro Is this company reputable? Specifications ok? Are the new Intel mobile CPUs coming out soon? Any other laptops that you guys suggest? (Budget: around $1600 CAD) Thanks

Origin EON15 X

30.49 - DURAGADGET Port
35.49 - DURAGADGET Gold
53.99 - DURAGADGET 1.5M
57.49 - DURAGADGET Prem
33.99 - DURAGADGET Padd

Origin Eon15-X - Full Review and Benchmarks - Laptop Mag
The Eon15-X is a beastly gaming laptop with intense specs, powerful speakers and a sick keyboard, but its display and battery life could be better. Origin Eon15-X - Full Review and Benchmarks laptop

Origin EON15-X Review & Rating |
The Origin EON15-X is a well-made gaming rig with excellent performance, thanks to a roster of high-end components, like a desktop-class Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia's current top-of-the-line ...

Origin PC Eon15-X (2015) review: A gaming laptop that's ...
Origin PC Eon15-X (2015) review: ... The Bottom Line The Origin PC Eon15-X gets a boost by combining a desktop CPU with laptop graphics, but the benefit is really felt in nongaming performance.

Origin EON15-X review | TechRadar
Origin EON15-X review ... the Origin EON15-X will cost you $3,539 (about 2,700, AU$4,800) That?s an egregious amount of money to spend on a 15.6-inch laptop, gaming or otherwise, especially ...

Origin EON15-X review: You'll find a desktop CPU in this ...
Origin EON15-X review: You'll find a desktop CPU in this laptop, and that's a good thing ... Like all gaming laptops, the Origin EON15-X features easy access to its guts.

Origin PC EON15-X Gaming Laptop Review: High Performance ...
The Origin PC EON15-X packs a desktop Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and Intel Core i7-8700K into its 1.5-inch thick chassis, but its size and price maybe an issue.

ORIGIN EON15-X review - Engadget
There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws. Plenty of gaming laptops will go so far as to bill themselves as a "desktop replacement," but only the Origin EON15-X goes so far as to ...

Origin PC Eon15-X (2015) review: A gaming laptop that's ...
Discuss: Origin PC Eon15-X (2015) review: A gaming laptop that's part desktop Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Origin PC EON15-X - External Reviews
80% Origin PC EON15-X Source: Mobile Tech Review The Origin PC EON15-X starts at a seductive $1,798, the same ballpark as other high end gaming laptops. When configured with a core i7 and the ...

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