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Google Glass Enterprise Edition Is Ready for Work | PCMag
Google Glass Enterprise Edition Is Ready for Work. After working on an enterprise version of the wearable, aptly named Glass Enterprise Edition, for the past two years, the Glass team is finally ...

Google Glass Enterprise Edition review - augmented reality ...
The Google Glass Enterprise Edition (also known as ?EE?) are augmented reality glasses made by Google, a popular international technology company from the United States.. This AR device is a follow-up product to the Google Glass and Google Glass Explorer Edition from the same manufacturer.

Google Glass review | TechRadar
Update: Our Google Glass review has been updated to note that it ceased production in 2015.But Google's the novel head-worn computer experiment may live on in a foldable Enterprise Edition one day ...

Google's next-gen Glass eyewear lasts longer ... - Engadget
Google has introduced Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear that largely sticks to the familiar formula on the outside, but should be far more powerful both in hardware and software. For one, it's ...

Google?s new $999 augmented reality ... - Digital Trends
Google unveiled Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, a new version of its business-focused Google Glass wearable, on Monday, May 20. It ships with a faster processor, an updated camera and a $999 ...

Google Glass gets a surprise upgrade and new frames - CNET
Google Glass gets a surprise upgrade and new frames. The Enterprise Edition 2 has a Qualcomm speed boost, USB-C, and they can be worn as glasses.

The new Google Glass headset is better, faster, less dorky
The Enterprise Edition 2 costs $999, which is less than the original Google Glass's $1,500 price tag. It will be cheaper still for some companies who are able to strike up partnerships with Google.

Business Features of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
To set up Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for your business, you must speak directly with either Google or one of its software developers, such as Upskill. But it costs $999 per set. That's down ...

Hands-on with Google Glass: Limited, fascinating ... - CNET
Google Glass Explorer Edition is intended for developers and "early testers," and while this group of customers may include those who feel like they can afford a $1,500 wearable device, everyday ...

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