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Htc Vive: A Guide for Beginners
Htc Vive: A Guide for Beginners

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HTC Vive review | TechRadar
HTC Vive might still be the reigning champ of virtual reality, but Oculus Rift is closing the gap.

HTC Vive Review: A Beautiful Machine With One Major Flaw
The HTC Vive is the most advanced VR system ever sold. Its headset is ridiculously powerful, so you can look around in all directions without a hitch.

HTC Vive Pro Review & Rating |
The HTC Vive Pro is the most technically impressive tethered VR headset we've tested, but it doesn't offer enough over the standard model to justify the steep increase in price.

HTC Vive Pro review | TechRadar
The HTC Vive Pro improves on the already wonderful Vive VR headset. But does it offer enough of a bump in performance to warrant its substantial increase in price?

HTC Vive Pro review: Virtual reality without the rough ...
The HTC Vive Pro pushes VR forward with a higher resolution and improvements that debuted in the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, but at $800 for the headset alone it's likely to remain niche.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset Review | Time
The Vive, which began shipping on April 5, creates virtual worlds you can actually move around in. But it comes at a steep price of $799.

HTC Vive Pro Review: Paying For The Privilege - GameSpot
Better resolution and improved ergonomics prove to be a step forward for VR, but the Vive Pro is a big investment that should only be considered by enthusiasts.

HTC Vive on Steam -
VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform developed by HTC and Valve for total immersion in virtual worlds. Using a headset and wireless controllers, you can now explore and interact with VR experiences, apps and games that blur the line between imagination and reality.

HTC Vive Pro Headset Review: A High Bar for Premium VR
HTC's Vive Pro offers a comfy upgrade path for VR early adopters. It's the best consumer headset available. Just make sure your GPU and wallet can take the hit.

HTC United States -
?Getting the HTC U11 life you?re having it at an affordable price. The Usonic headphones are really, really great, so getting that in box is a bonus and is definitely a great value.?

Ovrvision 1

Reviews & More Info Ovrvision Pro : Stereo Camera for HTC Vive ...
What is Ovrvision Pro? It is a high performance stereo camera where immersive AR and hand tracking are possible by fitting the Ovrvision Pro onto HTC Vive & Oculus Rift.

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Razer OSVR HDK 2

Reviews & More Info

Best Virtual Reality Headsets | Best VR Headset to Buy 2017
We?ve compiled a list of the Best Virtual Reality headsets currently available, so if you want a VR headset, you?ll likely find one to suit your needs here.

Razer lanserar Blade Pro ? bärbar dator med Geforce GTX ...

Best VR headsets 2018: HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR ...
The best VR headsets, whether you're looking for powerful PC-connected VR or mobile headsets that work with your smartphone, we've tested the lot.

Qué gafas de realidad virtual (VR) comprar: guía de ...

Sulon Q

Reviews & More Info

Fallout 4 VR Review: Here Are Our Thoughts About The Game
Fallout 4 VR has just been released on Steam for $59.99. Usually, people will find VR games to be a lot cheaper on the Steam store but this is Fallout 4 VR we're ta

Another Song Is Revealed In The Upcoming Beat Saber VR ...
Beat Saber is a highly anticipated title that's set to release in the near future. In this beat based games you will be equipped with two light sabers to slice throu

De HoloLens van Microsoft gaat verder dan Google Glass en is een ander product dan de vr-bril. Het combineert VR- en AR-technologie in een zelfstandige sli

De Homido VR-headset review ? Waarom is het een goede keuze voor het beleven van virtual reality? De nieuwste Homido VR 2 headset is een uitstekende keuze als je op zoek bent naar een prachtige VR-ervaring met je smartphone.

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