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Sony Project Morpheus review: Hands-on | T3
Sony Project Morpheus: Build. The first thing you notice is how polished the device is, even at prototype stage. If the Rift DK2 is an improvement on the original but still fairly rugged, blocky ...

Hands On With Sony's Project Morpheus VR -
The Morpheus headset features 1080p resolution spread across both your eyes just like the Rift, but the latter headset has a wider field of view at 110 degrees?Sony's is 90 degrees, per their specs.

State of VR: Sony's Project Morpheus in 2015 - Engadget
I did not get motion sickness when I demoed Sony's new and improved Project Morpheus VR headset at GDC this week in San Francisco. And that's saying a lot considering my sweaty outcome at a ...

Sony Project Morpheus | iReviews
The 3D visual and audio capabilities of Project Morpheus are truly impressive and offer quite the immersive experience to users. The current prototype for Project Morpheus uses a 5 meter cable and connects to the PS4 via HDMI and USB, though Sony of course would like to make it wireless.

Hands On: Sony's Updated Project Morpheus -
Get ready for VR, PlayStation gamers. Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality headset debuted at GDC last year, and Sony has since further developed its experimental development hardware into a ...

Thoughts On Sony's Project Morpheus ? Road to VR
Project Morpheus, on the other hand, is clearly hitting all of the important points. Sony has shown that they know they need positional tracking, low-persistence screen, wide field of view, and ...

Project Morpheus, Sony Project Morpheus Headset News ...
Sony Project Morpheus has always been mysterious project since the beginning, we don?t hear much about it since GDC 2014. Sony Project Morpheus team kept its mouth tightly sealed until this month at GDC 2015. We like to think Sony is holding back because they are finalize their prototype and ...

Sony PlayStation VR review: You know what? Sony did it ...
The Good The PlayStation VR is the most accessible, affordable and user-friendly full VR option on the market. Sony has promised support from a long list of developers down the track but the ...

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